ETI saves millions of gallons of water at a local golf course

Environmental Techniques International, creators of CBX - the organically based biologically active soil and water treatment, have been using CBX to restore balance to soil and water for over 10 years.

Recently, one of their premier golf course superintendents independently posted a five year water savings of 122 acre feet – that’s enough water for 244 homes in one year! And that’s on one golf course with premier playing conditions during a drought!

ETI recognizes the value of healthy soil and plants as a water saving measure – we have proven that we can grow more with less.
In announcing these savings, ETI maintains that the focus should remain on individuals who are willing to utilize bio-organic measures over a dedicated period of time in order to realize these fantastic water savings.

ETI has multiple case studies, including results from SRP’s PERA Club DesertWise Research Facility, that validate a consistent water savings of 30% or more when CBX is applied to soil.


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Turn our Soil into a sponge.

Put a sponge out in a heavy pouring rain and you will see that there will be no water running off the sponge until it is fully saturated.   CBX creates soil that will act like a sponge.   Micro biology is making millions of micro tunnels in the soil like earth worms do on a larger scale. CBX increases this micro life of the soil (read more about SRD), which increases living space for the micro biology, this then creates a sponge like condition so that when the rain comes...




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