ETI speaks at State Water Conservation Info-share

Environmental Techniques International sent their Technical Team to present at a recent Info Share with the Arizona Department of Water Resource and Water Conservation Specialists with the larger municipalities in Arizona.

Over 40 experts in water conservation attended the Info Share featuring Environmental Techniques. ETI focused the tenants of their information on the exciting results of the SRP Desertwise Landscape Research Exhibit. Jarret Sharp, Solutions Leader, highlighted the study's results while Jason Bentz, Technical Director, fielded questions from the expert audience. ETI was highlighted as a company committed to a recent CEAP report request for methods and products that perform in real world environments with real time sustainable results.

CBX out-performed all other organic soil amendment products during the three year SRP study. CBX extended irrigation intervals, reduced sodium content, improved percolation and turf health in the retention basin and softball field where it was applied.

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See the report for yourself.

The DesertWise Landscape Research Exhibit Report, along with ETI's observations is available by clicking here.

SRP report






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