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Environmental Techniques International (ETI) is more than just a company, we are the synergy that is created when multiple groups and companies get together to accomplish the same goal. Our common goal is to "restore nature's balance to create a better, healthier world". This goal is about growing - better, smarter, more efficiently and more environmentally friendly. We have teamed up with some of the smartest, most innovative companies that we could find, companies with a global vision and plan. Please take a moment to find out about these great partners and check out some of the links that we think are worth the time. Thanks.




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“There was an accelerated growth-rate of the shrimp due to improved environmental conditions with no sludge build-up on the bottom of the pond after harvest due to increased aerobic microbial digestion.   Also there was observed a stabilization of the pond's environmental parameters (pH, alkalinity, dissolved oxygen) with extremely low or undetectable levels of nitrites, ammonia and H 2 S”.

June 1999 report on shrimp ponds located in Province of Nha Trang, Vietnam














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