How do you use CBX?

CBX works to increase the life of the soil by encouraging activity in 5 found in healthy soil. To kick start the CBX effect in the soil system, it is best to give a big punch. This is accomplished by applying a high rate of CBX for the initial application. Once the soil is activated or stimulated with CBX, subsequent applications can be greatly reduced, depending on the environmental conditions and soil problems present.   After the first couple of heavy applications, all that is needed to keep CBX fully functioning, is to put enough on the soil to keep all systems working (amount determined by environmental conditions).   When an area needs an additional punch, increase the rate on just that area and let nature do the rest.




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How do you build ideal soil?

Find the world's finest soil and it will grow almost anything without a problem.   But take this soil and transport it to a location with poor soil and you will find it will not be as productive. Why? Because the biology in this ideal soil is alive and when moved, the viability of this biology is compromised...










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