Want to turn your soil into a sponge?

Put a sponge out in a heavy pouring rain and you will see that there will be no water running off the sponge until it is fully saturated.   CBX creates soil that will act like a sponge.   Micro biology is making millions of micro tunnels in the soil like earth worms do on a larger scale.   CBX increases this micro life of the soil (read more about SRD), which increases living space for the micro biology, this then creates a sponge like condition so that when the rain comes, these pour spaces fill up with water (water + oxygen + nutrients = micro biological life).   This creates a water reservoir in the soil for biology and plant life.   The longer the time CBX is used on the soil, the deeper this effect will extend, creating more micro tunnels which will provide a deep sponge like soil.







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Is your soil missing links?

Soil biology depends on reactions within a host of enzymes, hormones, nutrients, stimulants, and a multitude of different types of biological organisms. It's literally a chain reaction, when all of the systems are available and in place, there is an explosion of life. If there is one missing link in this reaction, the reaction stalls and awaits that missing link...








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