Is your soil missing links?

Soil biology depends on reactions within a host of enzymes, hormones, nutrients, stimulants, and a multitude of different types of biological organisms. It's literally a chain reaction, when all of the systems are available and in place, there is an explosion of life. If there is one missing link in this reaction, the reaction stalls and awaits that missing link. Unfortunately, there is no way of determining which of the links are missing.   One way to insert the missing links is to find ideal soil that has all the possible missing links available and then mixing this ideal soil with the deficient soil. This approach is impractical, even if you could find such a soil. Compost can be another solution, if all the necessary elements are in place before the composting process starts, and if the temperature does not exceed 150º F (destruction temperature of most enzymes) and if it has been properly managed aerobically, the missing links could be made available for the chain reaction to continue. The best solution for filling the missing links is the addition of CBX to problem soils, it has been proven over years of study to start or restart the chain reaction in the soil systems by raising the SDR which kick starts an explosion of life.



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Does your soil have and upset stomach?

When you have a stomach ache, can you function at peak performance?   Neither can the soil, when there is something ailing it.   You can observe problem soil, by observing the plants trying to grow in it. The plants don't seem to have any energy.   Plants are always weak and susceptible to various problems and diseases...










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