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Over the years CBX has developed a unique reputation for its flexibility and effectiveness in numerous applications. The original and still primary use of

Our belief is that if specific beneficial soil microbes that are present in healthy soil can be introduced into an unhealthy environment, many of the same positive effects of healthy soil will be reproduced in any soil environment, regardless of location, weather, water type, or soil composition. Healthy soil requires less water, naturally repels disease and other pathogens, requires less mechanical manipulation, and more efficiently provides for plant growth. CBX encourages biological soil activity, resulting in healthier soil.

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CBX works to increase the life and vitality of the soil through stimulation of 5 soil systems, using one product   To kick start the CBX effect in the soil system, it is best to give a big punch. This is accomplished by applying a high rate of CBX for the initial application. Once the soil is activated or stimulated with CBX, subsequent applications can be greatly reduced....











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