Environmental Techniques International's website is divided into 2 parts, a general site for everyone, containing general information on our company and products, as well as a private site dedicated to CBX users and colleges. The private site contains an extensive library of information covering a broad range of topics including general data and links for biology, organic nutrients and solutions, downloads, videos, training, and a think tank to share ideas on restoring natures balance. It also contains more specific and indepth case studies, findings and systems on CBX that are more proprietary. If you are interested in gaining access to this portion of our site please email us at support@cbxproducts.com. Once you have been approved for access you will be emailed login ID and password.

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“I've been on a program here for five years where every month I fertigate a biological bacterial product named CBX. With that, in conjunction with a lot of chicken poop, you really have healthy turf”.

T.J. Winzeler CGCS Sanctuary Golf Course

seen in Turf Magazine
July 2006








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