We believe in synergy.

Environmental Techniques International (ETI) is more than just a company, we are the synergy that is created when multiple groups and companies get together to accomplish the same goal. Our common goal is to "restore nature's balance to create a better, healthier world". This goal is about growing - better, smarter, more efficiently and more environmentally friendly. We have teamed up with some of the smartest, most innovative companies that we could find, companies with a global vision and plan. Please take a moment to find out about these great partners and check out some of the links that we think are worth the time. Thanks.

ViTech Industries, Inc.

P.O. Box 604   Maricopa, AZ    85139

Phone: 520-568-4313

Email:  contact@vitech1.com


H&S Environmental LLC

2122 E, Leland Circle, Mesa, AZ 85213

         Phone: +1 (602) 810-7420

           email: contact@lagoonops.com.

Envirom Green Holland

Erasmusweg 184a, 2132 CV, The Hague

Phone: +31 681 035 285

Email: contact@enviromgreen.nl


Envirom Green Norway

Postboks 577 Sentrum, N- 0105 Oslo, Norway

Phone: +47 934 44 098

Email: contact@enviromgroup.com