How powerful is biology?

Most people understand that nature functions through biology. Our entire environment, the entire earth, depends on it, the good and the bad. Just takea second and visualize what you could accomplish if all of that power was on your side. 

In 1 teaspoon of soil you can find the following numbers of microbes: 

• 1 to 600 million individual bacteria 
• 5 to 60,000 yards of Fungal Hyphae 
• 100 to 100,000 Protazoa 
• 5 to 500 beneficial nematodes 
• A few to several hundred thousand Microarthropods 

One gram of healthy topsoil can contain up to 1 billion microorganisms. Each of these entities performs specific functions necessary to grow healthy plants. Because of severe environmental conditions, poor water, over-fertilization, and a million other factors, this balance in the soil, can become dysfunctional, creating conditions in which plants cannot grow efficiently. CBX returns the biological balance to the soil even in the harshest of climates and conditions, allowing growers a better chance at successful harvests and more profit. 

Don't let the negative effects of biology ruin your growing season. Get CBX and put the power of biology in your hands.