You have questions, we have answers.

CBX is a unique product in every way and so is our company. Unlike other products we have a clear understanding of how and why our product works. We pride ourselves on being able to answer all of your questions, so if you don't find it here, let us know and our technical support team will get it done. So here are the answers to some commonly asked questions.

Why only one product?

We live in a world centered around technology, marketing and information. Every day you are faced with millions of options on every topic imaginable - what to eat, what to drive, what to watch, what to listen to. However we also live in a world run by nature....more

How do you use CBX?

CBX works to increase the life of the soil using 5 unique systems in one product.   To kick start the CBX effect in the soil system, it is best to give a big punch. This is accomplished by applying a high rate of CBX for the initial application...more

How do you build ideal soil?

Find the world's finest soil and it will grow almost anything without a problem.   But take this soil and transport it to a location with poor soil and you will find it will not be as productive...more

Want to turn your soil into a sponge?

Put a sponge out in a heavy pouring rain and you will see that there will be no water running off the sponge until it is fully saturated.   CBX creates soil that will act like a sponge...more

Is your soil missing links?

Soil biology depends on reactions within a host of enzymes, hormones, nutrients, stimulants, and a multitude of different types of biological organisms. It's literally a chain reaction, when all of the systems ...more

Does your soil have an upset stomach?

When you have a stomach ache, can you function at peak performance?   Neither can the soil, when there is something ailing it.   You can observe problem soil, by observing the plants trying to grow in it ...more

How is your soil's immune system working?

Ever notice that when you are run down, you seem to catch everything that goes around? Soils are no different.   When they are run down they too will catch everything that goes around...more

Who is winning the war?

If one could see into the soil arena and watch what is happening, we would find a war of the biological worlds.   The war pits the good guys (beneficial soil organisms) against the bad guys (detrimental soil organisms...more