How do you contact us? 

Thank you for your interest in Environmental Techniques International and our products. Please use the following phone numbers and links to find the direct department you are inquiring about.

Sales Department 
Our sales team and distibutors are located around the world with our corporate offices located in Arizona for sales within the United States and in the Netherlands for sales in Europe and other regions. If you are interested in purchasing CBX in the United States please contact our sales department at +1.877.ASK.4.CBX or email us at For sales within Europe or other regions call +31 681 035 285.  For Canadian Sales contact Don Raeburn  at +1-403-816-6650 or Diane Raeburn at +1-403-815-3074 or via email at or 

Technical Support 
For any questions about CBX including uses, application rates, biological data, msds sheets or further case studies, please contact our Technical Support team at +1.602.550.5723 (United States), +31 681 035 285 (Europe and other regions) or email us at and we will email you a response usually within 48 hours.

Accounting & Shipping
For any questions about making a payment, getting tax ID# or tracking an order, please contact our accounting and trafficking department at +1.877.ASK.4.CBX (United States), +31 681 035 285 (Europe and other regions) or email us at

Become a Distibutor - Reseller - Service Provider
Please contact our corporate offices at

Marketing - PR - Web Department 
If you are looking for additional support materials or if you have a question or comment on something that you have seen on our website or a press release, please email us at

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