Where did we come from?

Environmental Techniques International (ETI) is based around the marketing of a probiotic soil and water conditioner called CBX (complete biological xtract). The product was originally discovered and developed by a team of biological scientists and organic engineers in the mid 70's, and has morphed and improved over the years into the powerful biological tool it is today. Through countless tests and trials this team created the patented brewing process that combines the power of 5 systems essential to create productive, efficient soil and water.

It all began by asking questions. How does soil work? What soil techniques can we harness to improve our environment organically? How can we transform unhealthy soil into healthy soil no matter the climate or soil type? Over time we have discovered the answers. We have broken down natures processes into 5 systems necessary for a strong soil foundation: Organic acids, Biological families, Natural buffers, Bio stimulants, and Natural enzymes. We then stimulate all five systems into one powerful product, CBX.

CBX has proven time and time again to be a powerful tool in restoring natures balance in the soil, resulting in a stable strong soil foundation. Healthy soil requires less water, naturally repels disease and other pathogens, requires less mechanical manipulation, and more efficiently provides for the plants growth.

ETI was created to follow a dream and a passion to restore natures balance and create a better, healthier world. The dream applies to multiple industries with different needs. But the one consistent need is soil and water. Whether you are using it for growing in, playing on, or to just sit back and enjoy, we want to improve that aspect of life. We believe that if we can help restore the balance of nature on a microscopic level, that it will create a firm foundation upon which we can enjoy the benefits.