What is the 5th Element?

All life on this planet is dependent upon the conversion of fleeting sun energy into durable carbohydrates (food) that all life forms can consume and use.  This occurs in plant life in the complex process of photosynthesis. This entire process takes place within the individual chlorophyll molecule known as the chloroplast. The process is expressed as:

Approximately 95% of the entire plant is composed of organic systems including sugars, starches, oils, cellulose, lignin and waxes that contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen combinations. The other 5% is made up of other inorganic minerals which make up this manufacturing plant. The more readily available these minerals are the more efficient this manufacturing plant becomes in the conversion of sun energy.

Man can assist this process by balancing the environment that this manufacturing plant will work in. There are 5 basic elements that influence production of which 4 can be manipulated or enhanced by man.

1st ELEMENT: SUNLIGHT - Man has no control over the sun. Therefore this element is not one of the areas that man can use to enhance the growth of the plant.

2nd ELEMENT: CO2 - Air is made up of approximately .26% carbon dioxide where man has no control. Healthy soil contains approximately 2% to 4% where man has some control by improving the systems in the soil that produces the carbon dioxide and by opening up the soil to allow the escape of this gas.

   3rd ELEMENT: WATER - Man can control the quantity and the quality.

4th ELEMENT: INORGANIC MINERALS - (N P K + 90 other minerals) - Man can control quantity and quality of this material, the imbalance of which in plants will cause weak structure and poor manufacturing and exposes the plant to diseases and insects.

5th ELEMENT: ORGANIC SYSTEMS Nature is in control of this element, man can only try to enhance, stimulate, feed or nurture this process. The benefit of man focusing on this element however, is that it has influence over a large portion of the 95% of plant growth, which means that there is a much higher potential for change. The quality of plant life is directly correlated to the health of the life systems living in the soil. Soil organisms include the bacteria and fungi, protozoa and nematodes, mites, springtails, earthworms and other tiny creatures found in healthy soil. These organisms are essential for plant growth. They help convert organic matter and soil minerals into the vitamins, hormones, disease-suppressing compounds and nutrients that plants need to grow. Their excretions also help to bind soil particles into the small aggregates that make a soil loose and crumbly. Man's goal is to create the ideal conditions for these soil organisms to do their work. This means providing them with an abundant source of food (the carbohydrates in organic matter), oxygen (present in well-aerated soil), and water (an adequate but not excessive amount).

Here is the secret of the 5th Element.

Every day the soil and what is grown in it, is attacked by insects, viruses, pathogens and disease which result in a anaerobic condition. Most growers try to balance out these conditions by mechanically aerating the soil or by using elements 3 or 4 (water and inorganic minerals) as well as toxic poisons to kill bad organisms.

As shown here, when no attention is given to the 5th element it creates a teeter-totter effect where no amount of water or inorganic minerals will balance out the soil. Disease, viruses and pathogens flourish causing additional problems, limiting the effectiveness of inorganic minerals and preventing water penetration.

The 5th element, or organic systems, is the foundation upon which everything grows. By establishing a strong balance in the soil, man can eliminate or decrease the negative elements in the soil. At the same time healthy soil requires less water and inorganic minerals.

CBX stimulates these 5 major soil systems that help to balance the 5th element, including organic acids, stimulate a broad spectrum of biological families, naturally buffer, and encourage an increased biological response. With each application of CBX, the soil increases in health and becomes more balanced.