The CBX Brewing Process 

The foundation of CBX is a unique Leonardite deposit, which containing properties superior to other deposits. Leonardite is ancient plant minerals that slowly decomposed over the last several million years and was discovered in the earth. 

We take this material and put it through a process similar to what an animal would do to create manure. The highly concentrated plant minerals are fed into a "mechanical animal" utilizing a proprietary process to extract the desired properties. The result of this leeching process is a nutrient dense liquid, which can then be converted into different products to be used for specific purposes.

HOW TO USE CBX:   CBX works to increase the life and vitality of the soil through stimulation of 5 soil systems.   To kick start activity in the soil system, it is best to begin with a big punch.  This is accomplished by applying a heavy rate of CBX, stimulating activity in the soil. Subsequent heavy applications can then be reduced, allowing the environmental conditions to naturally find balance. Application rates can be adjusted down to a level just adequate to maintain the momentum of all the functioning systems (this amount varies depending on environmental conditions). When an area needs an additional punch, increase the rate on just that area and let nature do the rest.