Over the years CBX has developed a unique reputation for its flexibility and effectiveness in numerous applications. The original and still primary use of CBX is as a soil treatment. Our belief is that if specific beneficial soil microbes that are present in healthy soil can be introduced into an unhealthy environment, many of the same positive effects of healthy soil will be reproduced in any soil environment, regardless of location, weather, water type, or soil composition. Healthy soil requires less water, naturally repels disease and other pathogens, requires less mechanical manipulation, and more efficiently provides for plant growth. The foundation of CBX is a unique Leonardite deposit, which contains properties superior to other deposits. Leonardite is the remains of ancient plant material which was covered by the earth and slowly decomposed over the last several million years until only the mineral elements remain.

We take this material and put it through a process similar to what an animal would do to create manure. The highly concentrated plant minerals are fed to a "mechanical animal" utilizing a proprietary process to extract the desired properties. The result of this leeching process is a nutrient dense liquid, which becomes the base of can then be turned into different products to be used for specific purposes.


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