What makes us tick?

Take a second and imagine the perfect day... most likely you visualized blue sky, green grass, birds singing and of course the butterflies fluttering by. Maybe you were in the park with your family or maybe you were on the golf course with your friends. In either situation, being surrounded by nature is one of the most fulfilling aspects of life. This is where the core of our business philosophy and motivation starts.

Environmental Techniques International (ETI) is focused on restoring nature's balance to create a better, healthier world. We believe that we as humans have a great stewardship to care for our world and we believe that we have discovered a way to restore the balance of nature on a microscopic level. Through our patented brewing process, we are able to stimulate activity amongst a broad range of biological life. When applied to the soil, CBX encourages natural recycling of organic matter, resulting in micro-tunnels similar to the activities of earthworms do, just on a microscopic level. These micro-tunnels create a natural aerification process, allowing space for air and water to penetrate and releases bound up nutrients . CBX has proven time and time again to be the secret to the success of many superintendents, farmers and nature lovers.

ETI was created around this discovery. The applications and uses of CBX are limitless. Essentially anywhere or anything that needs soil or what is produced in the soil, we can heal. ETI is currently working in the turf and ornamental markets to improve soil efficiency through soil penetration, water savings and sodium control, but we are also working with parks and recreation, school districts, city and municipals, green houses and the agriculture industry.