Why you'll love CBX.

1. It just works.
How many products have you tried that have promised big results but delivered none? Now imagine a soil treatment that delivers more than you expected. That's CBX. It delivers the results again and again - and we guarantee it.more

2. Get the highest SRD. 
Species richness is a key measurement of diversity that indicates the number of different species or different types of micro-organisms that are present in a soil sample. The higher the rating the better the soil. With CBX you will increase yourSRD higher than you imagined and with that diversity you will have a stronger, healthier, more stable soil foundation upon which to grow.more

3. Improved water efficiency. 
In many cases water is the difference between success and failure. Absorption, retention and drainage in the soil equals increased water efficiency and reduced irrigation costs. Use CBX and see savings of more than 30% in your water use.more

4. Super deep water penetration. 
Pore space is important to soil because it provides a means for water to be transported through the soil. CBX increases water penetration by creating mico-tunnels for super deep water penetration.more

5. Salt management.
Got salt? That's because most soils have problems managing sodium, add sodium rich water and sodium based fertilizers and you have a problem. CBX naturally ties-up the sodium and keep's it from attaching freely to other available elements, then carries it deep below the root zone, avoiding harmful and/or detrimental compounds from forming and injuring plant life and the soil environment.more

6. Accelerated digestion & recycling of organic matter . 
CBX stimulates the biological life in the soil thereby increasing organic digestion. You know, the whole circle of life thing, well it's all happening on a microscopic level and CBX kicks it into high gear.more

7. Increased nutrient availability
One of the important functions of the biological soil community is managing nutrients. Soil organisms continually transform nutrients among many organic and inorganic forms. (Organic compounds contain carbon. Inorganic compounds do not.) Plants primarily need simple inorganic forms of each nutrient. Soil organisms create many of these plant-available nutrients and help store nutrients in the soil as organic compounds.more

8. Controlling disease and enhancing growth. 
Soil organisms have many methods for controlling disease-causing organisms by helping to control and balance population levels of a species from becoming dominant and causing disease. With a healthy balance of biological species in the soil, more nutrients are available, growth factors are enhanced, and plants flourish and grow easier.more

9. Activates reclaimed water
Reclaimed water is loaded with minerals, enzymes and amino acids; CBX activates the aerobic biology and transforms this nutrient rich water into a biologically active product that can create the most complete organic fertilizer available. more

10. Odor control. 
CBX stimulates a broad spectrum of biological systems that will attack odor problems and turn stale stagnant water into healthy aerobic and odor free water.more

11. Increases caution exchange capacity (CEC)
CBX increases the organic matter which increases the cation exchange capacity (CEC), then the biology of the soil creates aerobic conditions where plant residue is recycled into organic compounds to be preserved and available for plant life.more