CBX has developed a unique reputation in the golf course industry for its flexibility and effectiveness in numerous applications. The original and still primary use of CBX is as a soil treatment. CBX is designed to stimulate micro biological growth with all the subsequent benefits. CBX contains a wide range of aerobic systems capable of naturally manufacturing a total array of enzymes.  CBX also provides unique blend of broad spectrum of enzymes as additive to assist the indigenous beneficial bacterial and other beneficial microorganisms that are existing in the environment to be treated.


CBX is a product when added to soils, substrates, compost and/or water, it will improve conditions of either one.  We recommend its use on all types of soil to improve the health of the soil.  The amount can be determined by budgets.  CBX is accumulative, that is, a small amount over a long time will have the same effect on the soil health as that of equivalent amount over a short time.  In our demonstrations, we use 1 to 2 gallons per acre to show what the plants and soil will look like if that same quantity was used over a longer period of time.  Since CBX is derived from natural substances and when it is applied on the leaf of plants or on dry soil, there will not be a loss of product.  CBX will activate when the proper moisture is present and any product on plants will be washed into the soil.  It must be recognized that biology can’t walk, crawl, or fly it must be carried to its destination or it must be allowed to multiply and divide until it reaches its target.  It will only perform to the extent of the moisture required to continue to live and to work.

Directions for use:

Usage: 1-2 gallons/acre per month. CBX may be used alone or mixed with foliar feeds or field chemicals. Broadcast Spray: 1 to 2 gallons per acre in adequate water to contact the soil surface. Work or water in soon after application. When applying with a herbicide, decrease the herbicide 30% and completely use the mixture (Do not store mixture more than 24 hours).

Benefits of use:

  • Stimulates biological humus development in all soil types
  • Aerates soils.
  • lncreases water penetration.
  • lncreases water retention.
  • Buffers salts­
  • Aids in the decomposition of organic residue.
  • Chelates nutrients for easier plant uptake.
  • Encourages root growth and depth penetration.
  • Helps to biologically buffer toxic chemicals.

Deficiency symtoms:

  • Anaerobic soil conditions
  • Soil compaction.
  • Cloddy, crusted soil.
  • Poor water penetration.
  • Excessive water leaching.
  • Black layer formation.
  • Salt and chemical toxic damage to plants.

CONTENTS: (NPK) 9-0-0, pIus 0.1% Fe, 0.05% Mn, 0.05 Zinc

DERIVED FROM: Urea, Ammonium Nitrate, NEDTA Iron, EDTA Manganese and EDTA Zinc.

ADDITIONAL CONTENTS: Proprietary Polymerous Hydrosol Leachate including: Humic and Fulvic acids, Ionized water, Natural Surfactants, Natural Bio Stimulants, Natural Enzymes.

PHYSICAL PROPERTIES: Form: Dark brown, pH: 8.0, Net Weight: 8,87 lbs per gallon.

STORAGE AND DISPOSAL:  Keep product in original container, Do not transfer into food or drink containers, Triple rinse when empty for recycling, Always dispose of container in accordance with local, state and/or federal regulations.

CAUTION:  Keep out of reach of children, Harmful if swallowed.

MSDS available upon request