CBX ProOxidizer product is a unique biochemical that affects cell wall permiability and cellular metabolism for faster rates of biooxidation and endogenous respiration. Accelerated rates of endogenous respiration leads to sludge mass and volume reduction of about two (2) inches of sludge per month in most lagoon systems. For example with an average sludge blanket thickness of 5.289 feet, biologically removing 75% of the sludge would take about 2 years.

Sludge removal using CBX is about 1/10th of the cost of mechanically removing the sludge and lagoons can remain on line. With CBX ProOxidizer there are no disposal costs, no odors, no permits, no land application, land filling, and no trucking offsite. Sludge is oxidized on site while the lagoon remains online.