Sanctuary Golf Course in Scottsdale Arizona is also 6 acre feet UNDER their yearly water allotment of 365 acre feet. However, water savings is only half of the story. Sanctuary is also an Audubon Silver Certified Golf Course, with a Total Species Richness Diversity score of 9.4. Through use of CBX, their property looks great, is environmentally friendly, and has saved tons of water. Want to know more? Here is their story...

The Sanctuary at West World in Scottsdale, Arizona is the only Silver level Certified Golf Course sanctioned by the Audubon International Society in the state of Arizona. They have been recognized consistently as leaders in ecologically proactive golf course management practices. Part of their program involves the use of CBX to promote healthy efficient soil. As a by-product of the use of CBX, Sanctuary has experienced an improvement in overall turf vitality; increased water penetration and efficiency; improvement in soil activity and efficiency; decreases in thatch and black layer; and an overall decrease in water usage of 122 acre feet in the last 5 years. These results were accomplished with minimal use of synthetic fertilizers and fungicides. In fact, the Sanctuary uses almost 100% organic based nutrients.
The Sanctuary is an active example of the Audubon International Society’s ethic to “protect and sustain the land, water, and wildlife, and natural resources around us”. The Sanctuary is a great example of mutually beneficial development. People enjoy pristine playing conditions on a challenging golf course without unnecessary ecological damage being done to the surrounding environment. Environmental Techniques International is proud to have played a role.