Late in the summer of 2004, Environmental Techniques International joined a DesertWise study that was being conducted by SRP’s Pera Club, located in Phoenix Arizona. The study was to test different products claiming to increase soil penetration and eliminate standing water in retention basins. ETI began treating the third retention area from the north, this retention area, as was the case in all 4 retention areas, would not drain properly. The comment was made by Ron Dobbin of SRP, and confirmed by PERA Club maintenance, that the only way to drain water from the retention areas was to pump it into the street for evaporation. After rain it would typically take 3 weeks of warm sun to dry the retention basins.
ETI treated the CBX basin at a rate of 12 oz/ 1000 sq ft for two treatments. After the second treatment, there was a sprinkler break in the CBX treated basin which caused the basin to fill. The water was drained completely within 48 hours. During the course of the past year there have been numerous rain events in which all the basins were completely filled. As was the original case, within 48 hours the CBX treated basin drained completely. Conversely, the untreated basins held water until it was pumped into the CBX treated basin where the water completely drained