CBX solves fairy ring problems

Fairy ring can be caused by many (60) different soil inhabiting fungi of the class Basidiomycetes. Fairy rings start from a piece of mycelium or spore feeding as a saprophyte in the thatch layer or organic matter. The uniform outward growth of the fungus results in the common rings. The myceliums of many fairy rings are hydrophobic in nature creating a water impervious layer, holding water, and release nitrogen through the action of the fungus causing the thick green grass growth within the ring.

CBX treats fairy ring using several different approaches. The first is to eliminate the thatch in which the fairy ring thrives. CBX also performs as a wetting agents to penetrate the hydrophobic layer of the fungus. Additional nitrogen can also be applied to mask the effects of the fairy ring by stimulating the rest of the surrounding area. CBX may be applied in addition to ammonium nitrate, urea, or any simple nitrogen source (1/4 lb/ 1000) to the area and watered in has a very rapid effect masking the ring. Also the saprophytic bacteria and fungus in the CBX will compete with the fungus, eliminating it over time with continued use.

CBX stimulates activity amongst a broad range of biological life. When applied to the soil, CBX encourages natural recycling of organic matter, resulting in micro-tunnels similar to the activities of earthworms, just on a microscopic level. These micro-tunnels create a natural aerification process, allowing space for air and water to penetrate solving the root cause of Black layer, poor drainage.

Fairy ring may also be due to disease pressurehydrophobic conditionslow organic matterlow SRDpoor aerification and thatch.