CBXproducts.com relaunches! 

New support and information on CBX is now available to both clients and partners of Environmental Techniques International (ETI). “The new updated look of the site better reflects the global brand and vision of our company”, said Deland Bentz, director of marketing for ETI. “Our company has so much to offer to the global market, and this site is designed around sharing that knowledge.” The site offers insight on the company, it’s product CBX, which stands for complete biological xtract, how it is used and who uses it. The product CBX, is an organically based biologically active soil and water treatment. In laymens terms, it means that it increases the health of the soil, which in turn results in better plants, greater soil efficiency and an all around healthier world. CBX is current being used in multiple industries such as turf and ornamental, golf, municipal, greenhouses, water treatment and environmental remediation. The site is clean and easy to navigate and was found to be very informative. For more information about this website, check it out at www.cbxproducts.com.

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