How do you build ideal soil?

Find the world's finest soil and it will grow almost anything without a problem.   But take this soil and transport it to a location with poor soil and you will find it will not be as productive. Why? Because the biology in this ideal soil is alive and when moved, the viability of this biology is compromised. In order to maintain the efficacy of this soil it is necessary to leave the condition of this biology as undisturbed as possible.   Disturbing the soil destroys the habitat required by the various families of organisms found in the soil, some of which are very fragile.   Many will die in the process and rendering the soil ineffective.   In order to preserve as many organisms as possible during transportation it is necessary to place them in an inactive state making them much more stable.    Furthermore to successfully transport this material, it is necessary to place the various organisms into this inactive state in the correct order and reactivate them in a similar manner, a very complicated process.   CBX is the product of following this same process. The base material from whence CBX originates is both the remnants of ancient plant life rendered into minerals as well as the numerous biological entities required to accomplish this feat. The process of reactivating these organisms while keeping all the critical systems intact and then stabilizing them for use in any environment has been the discovery that has taken years to learn and perfect, but is the very thing that makes CBX unique and powerful.