How is your soil's immune system working?

Ever notice that when you are run down, you seemto catch everything that goes around? Soils are no different.   When they are run down they too will catch everything that goes around. When we have soil problems we need to find the proper solution restoring healthy soil.   Some people try to solve the problem by attacking the symptoms, by using various toxins, to rid the result of the problem but they get caught on a tread mill of running from one remedy to another trying to solve the problem but never really attacking the real cause.   Unfortunately, the side effects of some of these toxins not only can increase the problem for soil biology, it may in fact kill off the very biology that could be the solution.   In most cases, well fed and nurtured soil can be the solution to almost any problem.   Remember, toxin kills the good guys (beneficial micro-organisms) as well as the bad guys (detrimental micro-organisms), and according to the laws of nature, the bad guys come back first.   The only way to increase the soil's immune system is to balance the 5 elements (see what is the 5 th element) which are necessary for the production of healthy productive soil. The soil immune system will then in turn resist and ward off a multitude of bad guys trying to cause problems.   CBX has proven to enhance the soil immune system and will help prevent most problems from returning to the soil.