Who is winning the war?

If one could see into the soil arena and watch what is happening, we would find a war of the biological worlds.   The war pits the good guys (beneficial soil organisms) against the bad guys (detrimental soil organisms). The good guys are the entities who make good things happen; healthy soil, healthy plants, healthy biology, healthy animals and happy humans.   The bad guys are the ones that will ruin everything in the soil, including plants and the environment. You can find out who is winning the war by the odor they emit or the residues left behind. The bad guys' environment needs to be anaerobic, meaning without oxygen. They will eat up whatever nutrients and organic matter available turning it to toxins to prevent being overtaken by oxygen loving systems. These systems can be useful under certain circumstances, but never in soil where you want to grow healthy plants.   Unfortunately, man's manipulation and abuse of the soils often provide the exact environment suitable for the bad guys to multiply, and then to top it off, man uses toxins, trying to kill off bad guys, only to discover that the problem gets worse because the good guys are also killed.

If the proper ammunition is provided to the good guys they will win the war for us!   CBX to the rescue! It has been proven that CBX will create an aerobic condition in soil where the good guys can prosper and fight for their environment. CBX stimulates 5 soil systems to provide the necessary ammunition to win this war, creating healthy soils, healthy plants, healthy biology, healthy animals and happy humans.