Why only one product?

We live in a world centered around technology, marketing and information. Every day you are faced with millions of options on every topic imaginable - what to eat, what to drive, what to watch, what to listen to. However we also live in a world run by nature, which in contrast, is simple, clean and alive. Nature is where we have drawn our inspiration, SIMPLE - one product, CLEAN - CBX has the power to clean our environment and ALIVE - it is full of natures life and power.

Many companies and products are designed around the "band-aid" approach to soil problems, treating easily observed symptoms, while ignoring the more difficult, chronic problems. Any need you have, and there is a band-aid product being marketed to you. One band-aid specifically designed for you elbow and another band-aid that works perfect on your knee, when the chronic problem is, that your body lacks the health to stay on your feet. It becomes a guessing game, hoping to fill the soil with the missing elements, enzymes, hormones, or biology. This assumes man is smarter thanĀ nature, understanding precisely what soil requires. There are a lot of great products on the market that have shown some specific results, unfortunately, most of these products are complicated, fragile and expensive to use.

CBX however was created with natures wisdom and simplicity in mind. Years of discovery and experimentation have led to the development of this single, simple product concept called CBX. CBX promotes a balance of the 5 biological systems (organic acids, stimulates a broad spectrum of biological families, naturally buffers, stimulates biological activity and natural enzymes), with a multitude of subsystems, to work in concert, providing the soil with what it needs. This solution contains some of the most completely balanced systems that could be found in nature. The philosophy is that if we can tip the scales, nature does all the work.

ETI also offers nutrient specific products upon request.